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Come to Atomic Tattoo in Bossier City, LA for custom tattoos

Whether you're commemorating a special person in your life, celebrating a big milestone or simply decorating your body, you want your tattoo to be perfect. Atomic Tattoo is a tattoo and piercing shop in Bossier City, LA and serving residents throughout the Shreveport, LA area with a team of skilled artists that can give you the art you want.

Our range of custom tattoos includes...

Realistic portraits for a lifetime of memories

Black and gray styles for an attractive 3-D effect

Full-color designs for a flashy look

See why we're one of Bossier City, Louisiana's recognized tattoo shops. Make an appointment today.

Does your body make a statement?

Body piercings are eye-catching and can show off a lot of personality at a glance. Atomic Tattoo can add jewelry anywhere on your body. Our skilled artists can properly pierce your ears, face, nose, navel or mouth. We also perform dermal implants. You can create a unique look by adding a bit of sparkle where you want it.

Stop by our shop in Bossier City, LA for a body piercing performed by careful hands.

Modify your body safely

Not all piercing and tattoo shops take the health of their clients seriously. At Atomic Tattoo, we clean all of our piercing equipment with an autoclave sterilizer. Our tattoo materials are brand-new and unpackaged directly from the supplier, so they're untouched until your appointment. You'll have peace of mind knowing your tattoo or piercing is being performed by a skilled artist using safe practices.

Call us at 318-747-0195 to make an appointment. We also accept walk-ins and give free consultations.