Add Some Sparkle to Your Body

Schedule a body or ear piercing at our shop in Bossier City, LA

Why settle for jewelry on your arms and hands when you can wear it anywhere? Atomic Tattoo offers body piercing services at our shop in Bossier City, LA. Our piercers use surgical stainless-steel tools that will create a precise piercing where you want it. Each of our tools is cleaned by an autoclave sterilizer so you can rest assured that your body piercing will be safe.

Stop by our shop in Bossier City, Louisiana for an exotic dermal piercing or a traditional ear piercing.

We offer all types of piercings

We offer all types of piercings

Whether you're looking to bedazzle your body for swimsuit season or create a unique look with a facial piercing, Atomic Tattoo can help. Our piercers have the skill you give you a body modification that lasts.

We offer...

  • Ear piercing
  • Navel piercing
  • Oral piercing
  • Facial piercing
  • And More!

Call us at 318-747-0195 for more information about body piercings.